1.01 fl. oz. - 30 ml

Innovative and unique serum with radiant effect. Designed to act on ageing signs around the eyes. This formula has been designed to provide unique sensorial effect where an initial “splash of water” transitions into a silky then cushiony after feel.


  • Matrikines, Soy proteins, Photoluminesent Detonated Diamond Powder, Resveratrol from Grape Fruit extract, Filling Spheres, Hyaluronic Acid (The molecule with biosynthetic origin), Hyperhydrating Clathrates,   Xymenynic acid. Caffeine (anti edema), Ginkgo biloba (emollient, vasoprotective) and Xylitol (hydrating, antibacterial and refreshing agent).

How to use:

  • Apply twice daily onto the eye contour area, tapping gently with fingertips until complete absorption. 
  • Use for puffiness and dark circles under eyes. Also apply Serum when your eyes are dry, dehydrated, opaque and weakened with fine lines and wrinkles

Features and Benefits:

  • Decongestant and anti-eye socket effect

  • Antioxidant and soothing effect
  • Elasticity and firm effect
  • Emollient and refreshing effect
  • Superficial and deep hydration with a
  • long lasting effect
  • Stimulate and regenerate effect
  • Lighten and anti eye socket effect