1.01 fl. oz. - 30 ml

This fast-acting serum delivers a dramatic and turbo effect. It leaves the skin bright and smooth while optically cancelling wrinkles and showing a very strong matifying activity. The result is that since after first application the face appears more uniform and young


  • Photoluminesent Detonated Diamond Powder, Filling Spheres, Hyaluronic Acid (Molecule with biosynthetic origin)

How to use:

  • Apply after your daily face cream. Distribute evenly onto face and neck leaving serum to dry without massage. To obtain a higher effect (Cinderella effect) apply an additional layer of serum after the first layer is dried on your face.

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate lifting effect

  • Completely eliminate the presence of wrinkles
  • and skin irregularities
  • Uniforms the presence of sebum by correcting
  • the unpleasant shiny aspect
  • Hydrates deeply
  • Preserves the cell turnover