Q: Would using KHKMY anti-aging product lines interfere with my make up?

A: All our products are compatible with the most widely used make up products on the market. The best primer before applying your make up would be K-CUBE and GLANCE, but products such as HYDRA VENTIQUATTRO and RENOVAGEN would work just as well as your primer.

Q: When I use LESS TWENTY as a make-up base, sometimes my foundation does not stay well on with LESS TWENTY. How can I do with this? 

A: LESS TWENTY is a very peculiar formulation that is already able to hide and cover skin imperfections so there is not a real reason to apply make-up under LESS TWENTY. But in case one needs a foundation, we recommend using only one thin layer of LESS TWENTY and then applying the make-up.

Q: If I use LESS TWENTY at night in an air-conditioned room, why does my skin becomes dry in the morning?

A: LESS TWENTY is considered a day-time serum serving as an effective ridge-filler and neutralizing the effects of wrinkles. This beauty product is specifically designed to slow the ravages of time and aging, while providing a soft focus and matte effect with your complexion.

In case your skin is dehydrated during the night, you should remove Less Twenty and apply KH2O + HYDRA VENTIQUATTRO (for young skin) or KH2O + RENOVAGEN (for more mature skin).